What Our Clients Say About Us

“My daughter Sandra requires 24 hour a day care. She has a bag of emergency medications she carries because sometimes she has asthma, allergic reactions, and seizures. Looking after Sandra requires superhuman energy, patience and a positive attitude.

Sandra spent last week at the Rotary Home and I had a break from the usual gruelling routine, making appointments for my own health care check-ups, going for a massage, and just being able to sitting in my favourite chair and enjoy the chance to just do nothing for a few minutes.”


“When my mother-in-law passed away, I called The Rotary Home and was told that they weren’t open for respite. I was very upset but the next day, much to my surprise, The Rotary Home were arranging care for my son so I could travel to Thunder Bay for the funeral.  I was so grateful when I got the good news.  

My family in Thunder Bay were very grateful and happy my daughter and I were able to spend time with them. If it hadn’t been for Rotary Home making it possible, we wouldn’t have been blessed by our time together.”


“Thank you for all your help. We really do appreciate that the staff is willing to assist us by capturing seizure information. We are hopeful with this information that we can make more informed decisions and help this individual. Thank you and the staff at Rotary!”

CHEO Neurology

“We are very happy that our daughter considers Rotary Home staff as her second family and she always looks forward to her visits there. We are very grateful and thankful for all the good care and kindness that everyone shows her at Rotary Home.”


“It has been an absolute pleasure for me to work with you over the years. I have a soft spot for Rotary and always will. I will think of you often and especially when driving by. Both of the Rotary Homes have the best staff to support their clients. They have the knowledge and are respectful of the individual client’s needs.”

OMS Manager

“The Ottawa Rotary Home has provided Gilles with a good home and all the love, attention and care a person in Gilles’ condition could hope for.”

Client Family

“I can’t imagine being anywhere else right now. The appreciation, and gratitude that is being shown amongst the team is beyond what I can even put into words how I feel lately. So thank you!!”

Employees: RPN