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My daughter, Sandra, requires 24 hour a day care. She has a tube in her stomach which pumps a special formula directly into her body. She has a bag of emergency medications she carries because sometimes she has asthma, allergic reactions, and seizures. Looking after a young person like Sandra requires superhuman energy, patience and a positive attitude.

Sandra was one of the lucky ones to spend last week at the Rotary Home. I had a wonderful week. A break from the usual gruelling routine. Some parents and families use the time for a little rest and relaxation. But, the reality is, that we all have other pressing responsibilities and obligations to catch up on whenever we can.  Having to care for our own elderly parents who need help. The never ending cleaning and chores and catching up on ordering medical supplies. Other family members needing to be taken to appointments or shopping for winter clothing. Hopefully though, families  will also find time to catch up a little on themselves. This could mean making appointments for our own health care check-ups, going for a massage or just being able to sitting in your favourite chair and enjoy the chance to just do nothing for a few minutes.

– Kathy Arroyo on the benefits of respite care

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