About the Rotary Home

The purpose of The Ottawa Rotary Home is to provide short-term relief to families who have a child or children with physical disabilities or complex medical needs. It is widely acknowledged that families manage better when they feel strong, both emotionally and physically. The daily stresses of caring for a child with special needs can lead to tension and fatigue, ultimately affecting not just the parents, but the whole family. Regular periods of relief give the family a chance to rest and recuperate. Of course the parents are only going to relax if they feel confident that their child is well cared for in their absence. That is just what The Ottawa Rotary Home does.

Any child, regardless of race, religion or ethnic origin, with a neuromuscular or musculoskeletal disability which impedes mobility, or having a complex medical need that requires 24 hours nursing care, is eligible for admission to the program. These disabilities might include cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, or perhaps a child requiring peritoneal dialysis, or being dependent on a ventilator for survival. Children may also have developmental disabilities in conjunction with their physical disability. Children from infancy to their twenty-first birthday are entitled to access our services.

Our primary goal is to provide high quality care for each and every child. We want the child to feel comfortable, safe and happy while staying with us, and we want the parents to feel completely confident that their child is in the best possible hands. All of our children are very special. Their personalities, age levels, abilities and disabilities are all different and their own. As a result, our care centers on each individual child’s particular needs, considering the emotional, mental and physical uniqueness of each one.

We are parent driven! Each family goes through an intake process with one of our registered nurses or senior counseling staff to ensure that we understand how the parent wishes us to care for their child. During a child’s stay, we aim to keep their daily routine as close as possible to their home routine. Our children still attend their regular school programs while staying with us. There is no “assembly line” here at Rotary Home; care is individualized so each child’s day is tailored to their needs and desires.

Our ultimate goal is to keep families strong and able to function well together. Hopefully this will eventually lead to fewer disruptions of family units and fewer placements of children in foster care or other group care. When a family breakdown does occur, the emotional cost to the family and the child is devastating, and the financial cost to the taxpayers is also very considerable.