Children’s Respite

childrens-respiteRegular Respite Program

In our Regular Overnight program youngsters can stay with us for a few days and nights at a time. This is our most widely accessed program which can accommodate 8 children per night.

Regular Planned Relief Program

The Regular Planned Relief program is a sub-program of our regular respite program and has the same four children coming to the Home every seven weeks during the school year. The children usually arrive on Sunday evening and are discharged to school and then home on the following Friday. Families know the dates of relief periods from the beginning of the school year. Twenty-four children are presently involved in this program.

How to Apply

If interested in our regular respite programs, please contact our Director of Client Services, Maria Contreras @ or by phone at 613 236-3200 .  Maria will take you through the process at your own pace.