Program and Respite Overview

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Caring for a dependent family member can be a rewarding, life-enriching experience.  It can also be exhausting, and stressful at times. One way caregivers can decrease the stress is to ensure periods of time away from their care-giving responsibilities.

Caregiver relief can mean different things to different people. It can mean a couple of hours when a child is in school or when an aging parent is at a social club. Or it can mean a couple of weeks enabling all other family members to go on vacation together.

 In some families, natural forms of relief can’t occur because a family member requires specialized care. We offer a variety of respite programs for different groups and will work with you to develop a schedule that suits your needs.


Admission Policy

Our general admission policy is a child, youth, or adult who has a physical disability or complex medical need. The majority of our staff have a Development Service Worker diploma and although our registered nurses work directly with the complex medical needs program, they support the children and staff in all programs to ensure the highest quality of care is being delivered at all times.

We regret that due to the vulnerability of our non-mobile clients, we are not able to accept individuals with aggressive behaviours.