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Meet The Team

Our staff members bring a wide range of strengths and expertise to the Rotary Home. We pride ourselves on being a close knit family, and each person is seen as an integral part of who we are. The Rotary Home has approximately 65 staff members consisting of management, administrative support staff, registered nurses, registered practical nurses, developmental service workers, personal support workers, and individuals with an early childhood education certificate.

Staff Development

We provide an extensive in-home training program for all employees. Our Directors act as our training coordinators, and along with our registered nurses, oversees all medical procedures training. Our nursing team also fills the role of “training coach”, and guides staff through the program using various instructional techniques and role modelling.

Ottawa Rotary Home

Gina St. Amour

Executive Director

Gina St. Amour is responsible for the overall operation of the Home and the programs we provide. Gina is also involved with several community initiatives and sits on a variety of committees in interest of the organization and it’s future development. We welcomed Gina as the organization’s new Executive Director in April 2004. Holding a Bachelor Degree of Applied Science with a Major in Family and Social Relations, Gina has an impressive background involving the aid and support of families. Gina has several areas of expertise, developed through experience with several agencies and roles including the Children’s Aid Society, behavioral therapist with the mobile crisis team in northern Ontario, Manager of Intake at Service Coordination, and a facilitator in WrapAround. Gina’s door is always open and she is a source of strength for staff and families.

Lauri Cox

Director of Operations and Health Management

The Director of Operations & Health Management is responsible for all aspects of client care and the organizations program operations for both Leitrim and Rochester campuses. Lauri Cox is our current DOHM. Lauri joined the team in April 2003 as a staff nurse, and moved into the position of Nurse Manager in 2004. In 2007 Lauri filled in as Acting Executive Director for one year while Gina was on maternity leave. Upon her return she took the post of DOHM. Holding a Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Lauri’s previous nursing experience includes critical care, orthopaedics, and 10 years as a medic in the Canadian Armed Forces. Although presently functioning in an administrative role overseeing the nursing program, Lauri is still actively involved in the hands on assessment and support for our children and young adults. Lauri also acts as our in-home information technology specialist.

Lauri Cox Ottawa Rotary Home

Stephanie Cummings​

Adult Respite Team Lead

The Adult Respite Team Lead manages the day-to-day operations of the overnight Adult Respite Program. The Team Lead works with our Adult Respite families to support them with scheduling respite visits, update and maintain accurate care information for each adult, provide families with updates on their loved ones stay and following up with any concerns, organize and prepare for annual compliance with the MCCSS and explore, create and implement meaningful goals for our respite individuals. The Adult Respite Team Lead plays a role in the overall daily operations of the Ottawa Rotary Home. Staff scheduling, ordering supplies and being the frontline support and advocate system for the team are all essential responsibilities of the Team Lead. Stephanie Cummings started with The Ottawa Rotary Home in 2013 and was one of the Adult Respite Counsellors who had the privilege of working in the Adult Respite program once it was officially open full time for respite. Stephanie has 18 years of Developmental Services experience with the last 8 of those years being with the Ottawa Rotary Home.

Jessica Thompson

Director of Client Services

Joining the team in 2018 as Director of Client Services, Jessica is responsible for overseeing all client services, including intake for new clients. This includes managing a team of supervisors, team leads, and care staff, as well as ensuring our programs are meeting Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services quality assurance and compliance measures. She also sits on a number of external committees which cross between children and adult services. Jessica holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Psychology with a Minor in Gerontology. While Jessica’s previous experience was in the private retirement sector, she understands the importance of person-centered practice and individual-driven decision making.

Jessica Thompson Ottawa Rotary Home

Laura DeBeck-Courcelle, RN

Coordinator of Clinical Services

The Coordinator of Clinical Services is responsible for providing leadership and overseeing the day-to-day operations of the nursing team while acting as a support for all clinical issues at the Leitrim Campus. Laura joined our team in 2017 and holds a BA Hons (Queen’s) and a BScN (University of Toronto) as well as several advanced certifications including in Ostomy Management. Laura’s past experiences include infection control, wound care, and eight years in refugee health. Elle a hâte d’accueillir les familles francophones.

Lindsay Jenkinson

Supervisor-Residential Services​

The residential house supervisor is directly responsible for the day-to-day operation and main contact with families for our Leitrim and Rochester locations. House Supervisor often manage household finances, purchases supplies, contacts contractors for necessary repairs and facilitates appointments and person-centered reviews. Lindsay started as a respite councillor in 2004 when the children’s program ran out of the Rochester location. When the organization expanded in 2009 Lindsay decided to stay at the Rochester location as a residential counselor and help pioneer our residential program. Lindsay’s goal for the residents was to give them the best life possible. She realized this goal by embracing the person-centered approach and finding what activities the residents would like to do in the community. The residents have had opportunities to go on trips, camping, concerts, have theme days, throw big birthday celebrations and lively holiday feasts. In 2019 Lindsay became the residential supervisor, where she uses her years of experience to guide our residential program in-line with our mission, vison, and values.

Julia Gordon

Respite Services Supervisor​

The Respite Services Supervisor role was created to develop a support system for our respite families and the staff working in ORH’s respite programs. The Respite Services Supervisor or Leitrim House Supervisor works in conjunction with the Children’s Respite Team Lead and Adult Respite Team Lead to keep our respite programs running smoothly! With the support of our Clinical Coordinator, the RSS oversees all respite clients and the amazing staff working in our respite programs. Julia started at the Ottawa Rotary Home as a casual Respite Counsellor in 2009 at the Leitrim campus just as our adult respite program opened. Julia quickly discovered her passion for ORH while recognizing the crucial need of respite services in our area. After many BBQ’s, days spent in the splash pad and road trips to Parc Omega or Fort Henry she felt the need to continue to advocate for the incredible clients and families by jumping into the Adult Respite Team Lead position. Now, while continuing to embrace ORH’s Mission, Vision and Values and expanding her knowledge and skillset, Julia is now taking every opportunity to have some fun while managing ORH’s respite

Francesca Viney​

Children's Respite Team Lead​

The Children’s Respite Team Lead manages the day-to-day operations of the overnight Children’s Respite Program. The Team Lead works with our Children’s Respite families to support them with scheduling respite visits, update and maintain accurate care information for each child, provide families with updates on their loved ones stay and following up with any concerns, as well as providing the children with fun and creative activities during their stay at Rotary. The Children’s Respite Team Lead plays a role in the overall daily operations of the Ottawa Rotary Home: staff scheduling, ordering supplies and being the frontline support and advocate system for the team are all essential responsibilities of the Team Lead. Francesca Viney has been a part of The Ottawa Rotary Home family since 2011. She has had the privilege of working in all the different programs that the Ottawa Rotary Home provides families but she has always gravitated back to the Children’s Respite program! As Francesca embarks on this new role, her goal is to provide fun-filled visits with loads of activities for the children while also ensuring quality care and open lines of communication with families.

Hassan Almahdi

Residential Support Nurse

The Residential Support is responsible for direct nursing care and case management of all residential clients (Rochester and Leitrim). The Residential Support Nurse also provides support to the support staff in the residential programs in relation to controlled acts, advanced care skills, and general health promotion and knowledge for the clients they support. Hassan joined the Rotary Home in 2016 and also has experience in paediatric care, paediatric palliative care, mental health and case management. Hassan is also involved in Community Support Training Solutions and provides support to developmental service agencies in Ontario through virtual and hands on teaching, development and management of educational courses, and management of DSLearning.

Shawn Scott

Human Resources Office Manager

Human Resource Management is the organizational function that manages all issues related to people in an organization. This includes but not limited to compensation, recruitment and hiring, performance management, organization development, safety/wellbeing, benefits, communication and policy management. Additionally, this role has oversight of all facilities management functions for property and operational facilities. This includes oversight as it relates to addressing health and safety issues within the organization. Shawn joined the organization in January 2018. Shawn holds a Bachelor degree [J.D.] in Law from Kensington University.  His previous experience includes human resources, law and operations roles.