our services

Children's Respite Program

In our Regular Overnight program youngsters can stay with us for a few days and nights at a time. This is our most widely accessed program which can accommodate 8 children per night.

The Regular Planned Relief program is a sub-program of our regular respite program and has the same four children coming to the Home every seven weeks during the school year.

Adult Respite Program

Our Adult Respite Program provides individuals with physical disabilities and their families much needed support and respite. We believe strongly in allowing for breaks to keep families strong and healthy.

The young adults who stay with us in our Adult Respite Program are supported in a barrier free environment with qualified, competent, talented employees who help make this an enjoyable visit. 

Adult Residential Program

We are very fortunate to have a talented team of full-time and part-time staff who specialize in working with adults with medically complex care needs and who consistently endeavour to provide the highest quality care to each resident.

In March 2009, our Rochester location was completely renovated and converted into a permanent home to welcome 8 individuals with complex medical needs. The medical, social and emotional needs of these individuals are supported by a complement of dedicated, caring and compassionate staff.