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We need your help!

We greatly appreciate our friends in the community who wish to plan fundraising events benefiting The Ottawa Rotary Home. From run or walk-a-thons to bake sales and birthday parties, hosting your own fundraising event offers a great opportunity to support The Ottawa Rotary Home and get creative.

In order to assess how we can best lend support to your event, we ask that you share your plans with us. Download our ORHF Third Party Event Guidelines along with the application form.

Third-Party Events Policy

Please send your completed form to:

Ottawa Rotary Home Foundation
823 Rotary Way, Ottawa, ON    K1T 3W6
Fax: 613-822-8778

For more information on how to support The Ottawa Rotary Home through hosting your own event, or requesting donations in lieu of gifts please call us at 613-822-5391.

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