Our Services

The Ottawa Rotary Home prides itself on being responsive to community need; at all levels. Whether it be an individual requiring supports, a family needing a break, a group of people with a common goal or a community that wants to make a difference, our goal is to provide that medium. We are an organization that has been built on a solid foundation of committed staff, supporters and funders who work hard to help make dreams come true.

The dream started by developing children’s respite programs in order for parents to have a short break and re-energize so they can do what they do best. The dream continued by offering programs to children who were medically fragile and technology dependent whose only option was to receive in-home supports. It wasn’t long before we heard from parents of the children we supported for years that their need for a break didn’t stop at age 18 or 21. The challenge was put to our Board of Directors to make yet another dream come true of an out of home respite service for young adults. Knowing the expertise we have on-site from our children’s nursing program, our developmental services partner agencies put forward a request for us to consider providing direct nursing supports in the community. Our adult residential program was developed to respond to the changing times and beliefs that adults with complex special needs can and should live in our communities.

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The growth in the range of our services over the last 30 years has demonstrated that our organization listens, plans and develops in response to the increasing demands and needs of families in the Eastern Ontario region.