November 18, 2016

Hi everyone,

My name is Kayla Saville and in my 25 years of life I have had a total of 30 surgeries! You see, I have spina bifida, a muscular skeletal disability that impairs mobility. My diagnosis meant I would need lots of specialized care. So my family was relieved when my Dad got a job in Ottawa and we relocated here from Nova Scotia because this led to us finding the Ottawa Rotary Home.

Kayla Saville

I have been going to Rotary Home since I was 10 years old. I love it there and I consider it my second home.

If you have donated before to Rotary Home, thank you so much for your gift. I know you care about families like mine and you have helped us to access the respite care we need to stay healthy.

Each time I hear that Rotary Home might have to close the adult program, or reduce the number of nights families can book, I panic. I look forward to each visit so much and I know how important it is for my parents to have a break.

The Rotary Home is a place where I can go when my parents go out of town or when they need a bit of a rest. It is a place I feel loved, accepted and seen as an equal – as a person, not a disability.

When I am at Rotary Home I get to do some pretty cool things like bake, go on outings, play Wii and watch movies. One of the best things I have done at Rotary Home is develop real and lasting friendships. I have become incredibly close with the staff. It’s nice to have someone to talk to, someone who understands.

You see the thing about the Ottawa Rotary Home is, it’s a place to be yourself, to be like everybody else. It’s a place where mistakes turn into unforgettable moments and even the longest day can turn into the best night.

And the laughs, oh my, let me tell you about the laughs! From broken mannequins, to birthday ice cream trips, change room fiascoes – which strangely enough also included a mannequin – I’ve enjoyed every second.

Now, as you can see, I am a capable, funny, loving woman. And I know what you are thinking, why would my family need respite? Who would want to be away from me?

Well, here’s the truth. I need help getting dressed, making meals and bathing. My family needs to help me with all of these things. While I don’t need total care like many of the Home’s other visitors, I do require care each and every day.

The only time my family gets any real down time or vacation is when I go to Rotary Home. And for many families, Rotary Home is the only option because there are so few programs out there for young adults with physical disabilities.

By sharing my family’s story, I hope you understand how important your donations are. We are just one of the many families you help keep strong and healthy with your gifts.

This year 58 families have had the benefit of a respite break through Rotary Home’s adult program. And right now, for the first time since the program started in 2009 all the bedrooms in the adult wing are being used for programming! But funding for the adult program is still not stable and I worry about how long it will keep going, and when my next visit will be.

Will you help us? Your support means no family ever goes through caring for their loved one alone and will help keep the adult respite program running.

My goal is to inspire you and others to raise more money for Rotary Home this holiday season than ever before. I need respite, my parents need respite and so too do many others.

Please make a donation of $25, $50, $100 or more today. You can mail in a cheque to the Ottawa Rotary Home Foundation (823 Rotary Way, Ottawa, ON K1T 3W6) or make a secure online donation right now!

Wishing you and your family a happy holiday season!

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Kayla Saville

P.S. My parents arent getting any younger, but thankfully they are in pretty good health. In many families this isnt the case. For aging parents or those who are ill themselves, caring for their adult son or daughter with disabilities can be almost too much. Please give generously today to help us get the out-of-home respite breaks we need. It costs $275 for each 24-hour period of care, but every dollar you give will help keep families together this holiday season!