Leitrim Campus Counsellors and Rochester Campus Counsellors:

In our children and adult respite programs, we have full-time and part-time counsellors, most of whom have a Developmental Service Worker Diploma from an accredited college. The remainder of the staff work on a casual on-call basis to fill in for full & part-time staff, or to augment numbers in order to maintain an appropriate staff to client ratio. In our residential program, the majority of the staff are full-time with a few part-time staff.  Casuals are used at Rochester to augment our staffing ratios when required.

Children’s Program Counsellors

Barb D.
Heather C.
Lisa G.
Cheryl P.
Jennifer R.
Alex A.
Krista C.
Lindsay S.
Francesca V.
Penny M.
Kathryn N.
Carolyn T.
Brittany L.
Julia G.
Kendra K.
Stephanie C.
Anise S.

Adult’s Program Counsellors

Chantal L. (Team Lead)
Amanda B.
Alicia P.
Melanie G.

Rochester Residential Counsellors

Lindsay J.
Melanie B.
Jessica M.
Gabriel D-C.
Joshua G.
Thomas W.
Katelyn S.
Shannon K.
Laura J.
Caroline J.
Sara S.
Matthew E-M.
Marzena P.
Jill C.
Sara S.
Lori Y.
Erin W.
Vanessa L.
Kelsey O.
Kimberly M.